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Call for Contributions to Open Cultures Repository
As we all know, a conference as a live event can have a limited reach. Nevertheless, its value can be real. The event character of a conference serves to focus attention, to create a defined context in which people, ideas and projects meet, learning takes place and new ideas can grow. Made accessible and archived on-line, this focus can become an important reference point for the larger discussion way beyond the actual event.

We would like to invite you to expose your ideas/projects to this focus on Open Cultures without the burden of having to travel to Vienna. How? By submitting a resource to the "Open Cultures Repository".

A resource can be a text, a media file, a project, or a call for participation. We are in the process of assembling critical resources for the theory/practice of the commons. We invite you to contribute to this collection of resources, by submitting one, or more, resource(s) either as original media files, or as links to resources already out-there but hard to find. The resource that you want the community to know about can be your's or someone else's.

Should you have any questions / comments to this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Felix Stalder, Konrad Becker
open [at]

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