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On Show
BURN (2003) (Shu Lea Cheang)
BURN is a web interface and installation that adresses the collateral damage of the international copyright regime. BURN recalls the burning of pirated CDs in China and celebrates the act of BURN (CDs) as common cultural practice in the age of digital reproduction. BURN acknowledges the file sharing practice of P2P (peer to peer) and the abundance of MP3 files on the net, while creating a browser based public upload and download sharing space on the web. The BURN interface further encodes MP3 music files uploaded in assorted colors. Written in dhtml and javascript, the users drag and drop the color coded music to a CD. After download and burn, the users' download records are shown in a consecutive list.

Karlsplatz Project Space, Kunsthalle Wien, Treitlstrasse 2, 1040 Vienna
5-6 June 12:00-20:00
Public Netbase, Zwischenquartier Burggasse 21, 1070 Vienna
10-13 June 11:00-19:00

The Frequency Clock: Free Media System (Software) (Adam Hyde)
An open source software system created to manage streaming audio and video channels. It allows creators and users of streaming media to organise their files into dynamic channels. Key features of the system include an inventive customized streaming media player, which can handle different file types, searchable archives, and real-time statistical analysis.

Public Netbase, Zwischenquartier Burggasse 21, 1070 Vienna
5-6 June 11:00-19:00
10-13 June 11:00-19:00

Kingdom of Piracy <KOP>
Kingdom of Piracy <KOP> was launched in 2001 in Taiwan and presents art works and writing projects of various international artists. It is an online, open workspace to explore the free sharing of digital content - often condemned as piracy - as the net's ultimate art form. It explores the notions of shared networks and collaborative production. Artists and writers reflect on the definition of Intellectual Property (IP) in a digital networked environment, which has emerged as one of the central struggles to shape the culture of the information society.

Public Netbase, Zwischenquartier Burggasse 21, 1070 Vienna
5-6 June 11:00-19:00
10-13 June 11:00-19:00

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