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Armin Medosch

Free Networks: An Alternative Communication Model?   VIDEO 


The history of free networks stretches over more than 20 years, from the early BBS scene, to freenets, packet radio, the citizen networks, pirate radios and community media initiatives. While the internet is under siege from governments regulatory ambitions and commercial pressure, free networks are growing slowly, steadily and organically. Inspired by the free software philosophy and media activism, free networks seek to establish an alternative commodity-free communication model. What are the main characteristics and theoretical and practical implications of free networks and can they offer a blueprint for a sustainable network development after the crash?


    Medosch is a writer, artist and curator. He is co-founder of the online magazine Telepolis - The Magazine of Netculture - which he co-edited from 1996 to 2002. With Telepolis he was awarded the European Online Journalism Award and the Grimme Online Award. Together with Janko Röttgers he edited "Netzpiraten", a collection of essays which portray the Internet's underworld. In 2001/02 he co-curated the online art exhibition "Kingdom of Piracy". Currently he is writing a book on Free Networks.


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