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Wireless Networking Cultures (Julian Priest, Franz Xaver, Christoph Kummerer )
Tuesday, 3 June 2003, 17:30
Wednesday, 4 June 2003, 17:30


Public Netbase Zwischenquartier, Burggasse 21, 1070 Wien

 TUESDAY 03.06.2003, 17:30 

I N T R O D U C I N G   W I R E L E S S   T E C H N O L O G Y

The current state of developement in wireless technology: operation, hardware, security issues, legal restrictions, antenna knowhow. Hosted by Franz Xaver.


Afterwards: How to set up a notebook for wardriving? Which software tools to use? Different measures to secure a wireless network and how to circumvent them. Hosted by Christoph Kummerer. Bring your!

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 WEDNESDAY 04.06.2003, 17:30 

W I R E L E S S   C O M M U N I T Y   N E T W O R K S

Julian Priest ( will host a workshop on Wireless Community Networks: What appealed to people about in London? Why did they get excited? What network problems needed to be solved? How did they organise/publicise? Some more questions to the audience: What do people need in Austria? What are the conditions now? What exists already? Who might me interested? How could it be moved forward?

Priest is co-founder of UK's first wireless network community. Working within the informal research framework ( on social aspects of wireless technology for the developed and developing world, he is currently working with a group to develop "the picopeering agreement".

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 CONSUME.NET is an attempt to create a network of low cost and licence exempt wireless IP systems to reduce connectivity costs and promote common ownership in London/UK.

R E A D   A B O U T   ( I N   G E R M A N )

Armin Medosch: Freie drahtlose Bürgernetze. Das Comeback der Internet-Utopien mit den Wireless Local Area Networks.

Armin Medosch: Consume - der kollektive Verbrauch von Bandbreite. Freie drahtlose Bürgernetze, Teil 2: Interview mit James Stevens

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