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Erik Möller

Loud and Clear: How Internet Media Can Work   VIDEO 


Blogs, collaborative magazines, wikis and other new venues of online writing shake our understanding of media-- yet they have so far failed to leave much of an imprint on the fabric of society. What are the secret ingredients to successful and effective online publishing? And what is it that drives people, in spite of the fresh perspectives that the Internet offers, to return to Murdoch and Turner for "reliable" information?


    Möller works in media informatics and as a journalist. He has published in the taz newspaper, as well as the c't and Telepolis magazines. Möller runs the website Infoanarchy.Org, developing tools to protect the freedom of speech. He is editor of the German net magazine Der Humanist ( His interests include P2P, decentralized media, alternative forms of online-collaboration, ratings, webs of trust, file sharing and copyright.


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