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Schedule Friday, 6 June

 Thursday, 5 June    Friday, 6 June 

Location: KARLSPLATZ Project Space, Kunsthalle Wien, Treitlstrasse 2, 1040 Vienna
The whole conference will be streamed live.

 12:00- 13:45 


 14:00- 15:45 

Session 4: Politics of the Commons
International treaties and global regulatory bodies with global reach are increasingly setting rules which restrict the scope of action of both governments and individuals. TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property) is in the process of "harmonizing" IP legislation globally, which will result in disadvantages for most of the world's population. Moreover, the policies of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) go far beyond the coordination of the domain name system (DNS).
While this global level his heavily dominated by large corporations and rich countries, there are surprising coalitions --developing countries, NGOs, the public at large -- working to enlarge, rather than reduce the commons, though not without serious setbacks.

James Love: Paying for works, Access to Works, Medicines, Software and Music
Consumer Project on Technology

Andy Müller-Maguhn: Governance Gone Wrong: Lessons from the ICANN Debacle
Chaos Computer Club; ICANN Board Member

Peter Eckersley: Alternative Renumeration Systems
PhD student Computer Science / Intellectual Property Research Institute University of Melbourne

 16:00- 17:30 

Session 5: Media of the Commons
We are witnessing two contradictory trends. One the one hand, media companies are consolidating on a global scale into a dwindling number of media conglomerates. On the other hand, there's a flowering of decentralized publishing and distribution channels, ranging from file-sharing platforms, to Indymedia centers and all kinds of grassroots journalism. The blander the mainstream media, the larger the niche for independent forms of 'getting the message out'.

Erik Möller: Loud and Clear: How Internet Media Can Work

Alan Toner: Free Distro: Distributing independent films and other large media files
NY University, Autonomedia

 18:00- 19:30 

Session 6: Culture of the Commons
While countless legal and technical issues are still hotly debated, artists are already creating a new culture. One that is based on the ideas of the commons, rather than one ideas of exclusive control over one's creation. In the process, long held ideas about the 'artist' and 'creativity' are being challenged. A culture of transformation, adaptation and continuous development is emerging.

Shuddhabrata Sengupta: Networks of Intention and Accidental Generosities - A Circuit Diagram, Raqs Collective

Sascha Kösch: Sampling, mixing, ripping: music as free flow
aka DJ Bleed, de:bug, Berlin

Shu Lea Cheang: Art and Piracy

 19:30- 20:00 

Panel Discussion

Location: KARLSPLATZ Project Space, Kunsthalle Wien, Treitlstrasse 2, 1040 Vienna
The whole conference will be streamed live.

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